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Our values, our visions

Edaphos is the union of engineers and enthusiasts, gathered around the same idea: to change our world and to ensure the future

Circular economy

Recycling mineral waste in fertile soils for all purposes and grounds surfaces


Ecological processes to replicate and accelerate natural renewal


Assistance with project management from the tender to the site monitoring

Our history

Edaphos is a startup specialized in environment, we offer consulting services to construction companies in the management of their construction waste. In particular, we are working on the fertilization of sterile soil, to make this waste a fertile soil. Earthly waste represents 160 million tons per year in France, for comparison the household waste only represents 30 million tons.

Paradoxically, fertile lands are starting to fail due to human activity and soil erosion. We propose a sustainable development solution, to reuse our waste today for a cleaner world tomorrow.

Our Team

Mathieu Pillet


Clémence Giet

Head of engeenering

Mélisse Carcassonne


Etienne Pillet


Arthur Baetens

Head of strategy

Chêne-Bourg, rue de Genève 18 
1225 Chêne-Bourg 
Geneva – Switzerland

 +41 79 516 80 49

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