Innovative solutions

Civil engineering / construction companies

Investigation of polluted soils and materials

Diagnosis and concept management of excavation materials (OLED) or soils (Osol) according to each context and in compliance with the law. Definition of issues for client, costing and proposals for technical solutions.

Environmental monitoring

Depollution follow-up, support in waste management, control of incoming materials in landfill, environmental monitoring of site

Technical and regulatory support

Regulatory advice and work in progress (depollution site, evacuation solutions)

Soils depollution

Soils or materials contaminated management by phytoremediation for :

  • Degrading organic molecules or cyanides (hydrocarbon, HAP, BTEX)
  • Extract the metals (copper, lead, zinc)
  • Stabilize pollutants in the soil matrix

When it is feasible phytoremediation provides significant financial and environmental savings (limits excavations, transport, storage…).

When it is not feasible other in-situ techniques can be deployed to reduce pollutant levels.

Our solutions are based on solid partnerships with studies offices and laboratories with academic and professional experience for more than 20 years

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